July 18th, 2009

390946_303723826312416_124733167544817_1206694_148648676_n.jpgWelcome to Double Ott Online. Double Ott Catahoulas is owned and operated by Parry and Nikki Ott. We are located in 267937_244656018885864_124733167544817_971841_5629182_n-0011.jpgsoutheastern Louisiana near a town called Franklinton.  Parry has served as President of  The American Catahoula Association and Nikki has served the association in multiple capacities recently the Vice-President. Nikki is also a Board Member of the Great Southern Kennel Club which a United Kennel Club multi-breed organization and the Catahoula Owners & Breeders Research Association, a United Kennel Club organization formed for the purpose of Catahoula specific research.

 308789_2686927098501_1416138314_3073425_1509236028_n1.jpg397024_350264391658359_124733167544817_1349786_1215572558_n.jpgDouble Ott Catahoulas is dedicated to the preservation of the versatile Catahoula Leopard Dog focusing on physically and mentally sound dogs that possess intelligence, drive, natural working ability and trainability. Our dogs are trained and worked in hog hunting, squirrel hunting, coon hunting, cattle, wounded game tracking, as well as, general varmint control and personal protection. All of our dogs are socialized, well adjusted and possess stable temperaments. Our dogs are duel registered with The National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas and The United Kennel Club and are exhibited in both registries as well as, American Catahoula Association.321549_269303039754495_124733167544817_1064839_616489737_n-0011.jpg

 431108_350349211649877_124733167544817_1349929_141700637_n-001.jpg We have been breeding Catahoulas for over 15 years, but rarely breed more than one or two litters a year focusing on quality and not the possibility of profit through quantity. All of our puppies are handled from birth by adults and children and closely 390176_2686924338432_1416138314_3073424_2003559219_n.jpgmonitored for quality control. We will not sell puppies that we feel are of inferior quality.



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