CH Double Ott Corlew Benelli

April 12th, 2012


CH Double Ott Corlew Benelli is a beautiful bitch. She is the diva queen of all her domain. Her temperament is above par. She has the grace and balance of a big cat and moves like one too.  When she’s in full stride not much can catch her, and not much can outrun her.  She’s used for varmint control, property protection, and is always on snake patrol as we seem to live in some sort of mecca for copperheads and egg thieving chicken snakes. She’s was particularly good at stopping bolting longhorn steers when we thought we wanted them a few years back. She was tough and quick enough to stop them and move them back to the pasture when they bolted through the fence into the woods, but she’s gentle enough to tolerate our freerange uppity chickens that roam our property. We now stick with the more layed back breeds of cattle when we are feeding out for stocking the freezer.

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