CH Double Ott’s Boudreaux

April 12th, 2012


CH Double Ott’s Boudreaux is a really nicely put together male off of CH Jetta’s I Gotcha G and CH Double Ott Corlew Benelli.  He has a wonderful temperament and moves like he’s floating.

As we have a small farm, we keep only enough dogs on property as jobs we have for them to do.  We at Double Ott put the physical and mental welfare out breeding stock first. Some of our breeding dogs are “farmed out” to select family and friends where they have the opportunity to do jobs that they were bred to do and have the best possible life for a Catahoula. We choose to forgo a kennel environment to focus more on developing functional dogs that are part of the family.

Boudreaux is farmed out to Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with, and is co-owned with my cousin.

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