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July 18th, 2009

CH Goose Creek’s Bayou GypsyIn our opinion, the Catahoula is the ultimate working mans dog. Our need for a dog comes from the necessity to protect the family, home and property; to keep our property free from unwanted pests such as rats, possums, raccoons, feral cats and coyotes. We hunt with dogs to teach our children character virtues like self reliance, responsibility, competence, discipline and resolve. We hunt a variety of animals with our dogs including wild hog, squirrel and raccoon. We also use our dogs to round up and contain stray cattle. And sometimes you just need a dog’s company. We do not need or want a bunch of different breeds to accomplish the tasks we need or want done. We can get what we want done with just one breed, the Catahoula. While no breed of dog is suited for every task in the world, the Catahoula comes pretty darn close.

Double Ott’s Roux

We do not just throw two registered Catahoulas together and hope for the best. Nor do we breed any dog based solely on their looks or workability or their temperament. And we don’t breed any dog based solely on their pedigree. We know that if you breed strictly for performance without consideration for conformation soundness, the breed character is compromised. We know that even though a dog may have great conformation, workability and/or temperament that does not necessarily mean that he or she can reproduce that quality. While we do not breed for specific coloring, we do pay special attention to the genes responsible for producing the Catahoula’s special coloring. Recognizing that there are repercussions such as deafness, blindness and sterility when dealing with the merle genes. Knowledge of basic genetics and pedigree depth and breadth is essential. To achieve our goal much time and energy goes into research and examination of any and every potential dog in our program. All of our dogs are put to the test in the woods, in swamps and in the marshes of Louisiana. Also our dogs are shown in NALC, UKC and ACA conformation, as well as participate in Catahoula field trials. The same dogs we wash and preen for a conformation event are the same, hours later, filthy muddy dogs participating in the field trials at the end of the day. We do all this so that we know what each and every dog’s strengths and weaknesses are and to prevent kennel blindness. Without all this you enter into a hit or miss breeding situation with no predictable outcome. Will every Catahoula out of working and/or Champion lines be the greatest dog in everything? No, and anybody who says they can is either lying to themselves or you! But spending the time and effort studying the individual in every possible situation can let you know which Catahoula is right dog for the right job. This is what we do.

Update: ACA is as of right now pretty dormant so they have not hosted any shows for us to participate in.  Also was have not been participating in NALC event recently as we are focusing our dogs training on blood trailing wounded game while still breeding for a well rounded disciplined “All Around” Catahoula. There are no NALC trials for tracking. We are still showing UKC for conformation evaluation.

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